Social Credit with Demurrage

Real Currencies

(Left: Sylvio Gesell, the man who devised demurrage and popularized Georgist thinking in Europe)

The easiest and most transparent way of migrating to a usury-free economy is by simply replacing the usurious credit based money supplies of today with interest-free credit. In this way we would be able to do exactly what we always did, but better. However, demurrage is an equally viable way. It may be a little esoteric for most Americans, but demurrage money mimics the ways of the ancients who built the wonders of the world in Antiquity and the Cathedrals in the Middle Ages.

Ross Noble is well known here at Real Currencies as REN for sharing his wisdom generously. He has been creating an approach based on debt-free money, spent into circulation by the people, basically Social Credit. The problem with Social Credit is that it does not end Usury and Noble suggests a demurrageā€¦

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