Local Currency Initiative

VolsHours has been launched to help facilitate more trade among local, independent businesses.

As national money is in short supply, businesses, and individuals are taking action as a community. A voluntary co-operative is being organized as a network for a local, organic barter currency. There is no cost to anyone for this system.

All are invited to participate in this very unique, and historic event!

Wayne Walton is one the greatest pioneers challenging the Banking Cartel with real solutions. Glad to call him a friend. He made Volunteer Hours Tennessee’s Local Currency happen @Music City Liberty Fest and for TN and will help us create a GA hours barter currency for Atlanta Music Liberty FEST and GA community. This is the best solution for moving the power into the hands of the people and out of the elite bankers hands that oppress us with the fiat usury dollar system.

Here is a quick video featuring our local money:


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